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How to Influence with Hashtag in Social Media 2018

Hashtag is one of the most important parts of social media. You certainly have often seen posts of friends or relatives who use hashtag, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.
But the question is how this hashtag affects these four social media. Are the functions and effects the same or any difference.

What is Hashtag

Hashtag in Social Media

Hashtag is a word or phrase without spaces preceded by a # sign. This is one type of the metadata tag.
Words or phrases written in posts on social media services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google+ will be tagged when given the # sign.
By using hashtags, they will be grouped into other postings that use the same hashtag.
Hashtag will also be a keyword for search engines.

The Influence of Hashtag on Twitter

Hashtag for Twitter

When you log in and view posts on Twitter, it can be seen that most tweets have their own hashtags, especially company-owned tweets for business. Why is that?
Because tweets that use hashtags will be twice as viral than hashtags.
But keep in mind, never use hashtag more than two pieces in each tweet. This is based on research that says that:
Using more than two hashtags will decrease their effectiveness by 17%.
If using 1 or 2 pieces will increase 21% more effectively.
Twitter users will share or retweet as much as 55% if only use 1 hashtag only.
25% of tweets will be shared without using hashtags.
If using hashtag, will be retweet as much as 40%.

Influence of Hashtag on Instagram

Hashtag for Instagram

Instagram is completely different than Twitter. In Instagram, the hashtags can be likened to a king and Instagram users usually use many hashtags in a post.
Based on Quick sprout research, an Instagram post that has 11 or more hashtags will get the best reach of 79.5% per thousand followers.
If less than 11 hashtags, the result is less than 50%. In essence, Instagram is very fond of posts that have a use lot of hashtags.

Influence of Hashtag on Facebook

Hashtag for Facebook

The use of hashtags on Facebook is relatively new and not as effective on Twitter and Instagram. If you want to use a hashtag, just use 1 or 2 times only, because Facebook is not too fond.
This is because, the use of many hashtags on Facebook will look unnatural and overly impressed.
In addition, Facebook users are not too concerned about hashtags on Facebook because they use them only to interact with people who are familiar and interesting in their opinion.
For that it is strongly recommended to be careful using this tag.

Influence of Hashtag on Google+

Hashtag for Google Plus

The interesting thing in Google+ is, the hashtag will be there automatically, even if you did not add it to a post.
You can edit or add it yourself, but Google+ will usually predict which hashtag works best for each of your posts.
The use of hashtags in Google+ will also affect and be found on Google searches. 

In addition, hashtags can also be added while commenting on friend's posts and the effect will be the same, which can appear in Google search results.

Essentially hashtag has become a keyword or keyword.

Tool for Finding Hashtag

Tools for Hashtag

If you're starting with a blank slate, it can seem like the hunt for the right hashtags will never end.
Try these tools:
                 What the Trend 


Using hash tags is very important to exist in social media. Using it properly can also increase traffic.
However, each social media has its own characteristics. Therefore, different media will be different way of use.

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