Facts about Kota Super Thermal Power Plant

 Kota Super Thermal Power Plant

Kota Super Thermal Power Plant is the first coal based Electricity Generating Power Plant in Rajasthan. At present the total installed capacity of Kota Super Thermal Power Plant is 1240MW.


Kota Super Thermal Power Plant is placed on the left bank of Chambal River in Kota, Rajasthan.

Sanction of Schemes (STAGE-I to V)

 Kota Super Thermal Power Plant

Kota Thermal Power Station is located on the left bank of river Chambal in Rajasthan’s principal industrial city Kota. Infrastructural facilities like adequate water availability in Kota Barrage throughout the year.

Records of Excellence:

Kota Super Thermal Power Station is reckoned as one of the best, efficient and prestigious Thermal Power Station of the country. It has established a record of excellence and has earned meritorious productivity awards from the Ministry of Power, Govt. of India during 1984, 1987, 1989, 1991 and every year since 1992-93 onwards.

 Kota Super Thermal Power Plant
This Thermal Power Station has earned golden shield award from Union Ministry of Power for Consistent outstanding performance during 2000-01 to 2003-04. The Golden Shield was presented by Hon’ble President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on 24.8.04.

The Power Plant has achieved the distinction of about 100% fly ash utilization during the year 2010-11. An all time high generation level of 9891 MU at an annual PLF of 91.06% was achieved during 2010-11. The achievements made by KTPS during 2010-11 are as under:-

Record Achievements: 2010-11
 Kota Super Thermal Power Plant
Further, it is worthwhile to mention that Kota Super Thermal Power Station managed efficient unloading of coal rakes within the duration as prescribed by the Railways and there by achieved unloading of about 155 coal rakes without any demurrage charges since 19th April 2010.
The Power Station performance is consistently well above the National average as depicted in the operational parameters for last 5 years.

Environmental Profile
 Kota Super Thermal Power Plant
Adequate measures have been taken at Kota Thermal Power Station to control pollution and comply with the norms laid by environment protection act. 1986. Being a power plant, located in the heart of kota city, continuous efforts are made to ensure atmospheric emission of suspended particulate matter within the prescribed limits.

The 180 meter high stacks have been provided to release flue gases into the atmosphere at an approx.

Microprocessor based intelligent controllers to optimize the esp of 99.82% efficiency have been provided.

Adequate water spraying arrangements have been provided at coal unloading, transfer and conveying system to arrest and restrict fugitive emission.

Development of green belt, about 3 lakhs plants of various species have already been planted in Kota Thermal Power Plant and ash dyke.

*Existing green cover area within plant - 90 hect.

*Existing green cover area within ash dyke - 100 hect.

Regular monitoring of stack emission, ambient air quality and trade effluent is carried out.
All the drains in the esp area and boiler area have been diverted to dedicated tanks and the effluent collected is utilized for transportation of bottom ash disposal of the various units.

Ash Utilization
 Kota Super Thermal Power Plant

Fly Ash:

In compliance to Govt. of India Gazette Notification issued on 14th Sept. 1999 for making available ash free of cost, Kota Thermal Power Plant has achieved the 100% Dry Fly ash utilization. The Kota Thermal Power Station signed agreements for dedicated generating units allocations including Construction & Operation of complete dry fly ash evacuation system from each unit in two phases i.e. from ESP to Intermediate Silo and Intermediate Silo to Main Supply Silo near KSTPS boundary with following cement manufacturing companies –

• Unit # 1&2 - M/s. Associated Cement Co. Ltd.
• Unit # 3 - M/s. Birla Cement Works Ltd.
• Unit # 4 - M/s. Grasim Industries Ltd.
• Unit # 5 - M/s. Grasim Industries Ltd
• Unit # 6 - M/s. Mangalam Cement Ltd.
• Unit # 6 - M/s. Shree Cement Ltd.
• Unit # 7 - M/s. Grasim Industries & M/s. Shree Cement Ltd.

Pond Ash:

Concerted efforts have been made towards utilization of disposed fly & bottom ash accumulated in KSTPS ash dykes. The ash is provided free of cost and has been utilized by various small entrepreneurs i.e. Brick-kiln industries, small fly ash product industries, Cement manufacturing Industries and for land filling by National Highway Authority of India in construction of NH-12 and NH-76.