Benefits of Digital Marketing for SME Companies and Businesses

Lot of small and medium business people who consider that digital marketing are complicated and very complicated, In fact, digital marketing is not as complicated as you think. Precisely digital marketing is easier and provides great benefits for SME businessmen.

Here are Digital Marketing benefits for your SME Business:

1. Connect with Consumers Online

If in the past consumers sought product information through print media, now no longer. Most consumers today prefer to search for information via online because it is considered easier and faster.
Fortunately, there are currently many channels that are used as digital marketing media. That way SME business people can reach their potential customers more easily and quickly via online.

2. Higher Sales Conversion

Through various digital marketing channels, SME businesses can reach targeted consumers. Targeted potential customers are those who need products offered by SMEs and look for them through search engines. In general, potential customers from the conversion search engine are very high.

3. More Cost-effective Marketing Costs

When comparing digital marketing costs with conventional marketing, the average entrepreneur agrees that digital marketing is more cost efficient.
4. Can Serve Consumers Real-Time via the Internet

With digital marketing, SME businesses can directly respond to consumers in real time. This will have a big impact on sales. SME businesses will benefit from customer service in real time, which results in greater sales, satisfying customers, and maintaining customer loyalty.

5. Reach Mobile Users

In fact, the number of smart phone users in India is currently experiencing very large growth. Of course, mobile traffic has the potential to increase profits for entrepreneurs.

6. ROI Becomes Higher

Many reports say that digital marketing has a better Return of Investment (ROI) than conventional marketing, even better than telemarketing.
7. Maintain Position in Business Competition

Business competition from various brands will be seen when they compete with their digital marketing campaign. And it's very easy to find today, where business people use various digital marketing channels for promotion, for example PPC advertising, Social Media, and others.

8. Increase Revenue

The rise of online transaction trends has been proven to increase the income of SME entrepreneurs. When consumers believe in a business, they can shop more. Surely this is great for business.

9. Can compete with large companies

If you used to compete with large companies is a futile act, then with the help of digital marketing this can be done. With the right digital marketing strategy, SME businesses can not only align themselves with large companies, but can compete head to head.

10. Preparing SMEs for the Age of Internet of Things

Many reports say that in 2020 there will be 26 billion gadgets predicted, ranging from Smartphone’s, tablets, watches, glasses, shoes, and other equipment that is connected to the online ecosystem globally.


Increase Your Business Turnover with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an advertising platform provided by Google so that you can advertise on various Google networks such as Google search, Youtube with the customer's target location, the language that you can set as needed. The AdWords advertising platform is one of the effective Online Marketing Strategies. If you understand the features and advantages of this tool, then you can increase your business turnover.

With the increasingly complex features in it, your ability to plan online marketing strategies becomes unlimited. AdWords provides an option to target your potential customers, can be based on keywords, topics, locations up to time. In addition you can also determine marketing costs according to the budget you have. 
Google AdWords uses Several Methods, Including:

1. Cost Per 1000 Impressions

You will be charged every 1000 people who see your ad. This is a great way if you want to be seen more or build awareness.
2. Pay Per Click (Pay Per Click)

You will be charged every time someone clicks on your ad. If they only see your ad, you will not be charged anything.

3. Cost Per Conversion

This method is the most recommended way in AdWords because you only pay if your goal or advertising goals are met. These goals can be in the form of member registration, sales, length of time per visit, and so on.
Benefits of Google Adwords

If you already know what Google AdWords is, then you also need to know the benefits it provides. In addition to the ads that you market are on the first page of Google automatically, many more benefits you can get, such as:
1. Traffic Will Be Increased Faster and Targeted

AdWords uses PPC (Pay per Click) calculations to calculate your advertising costs and your advertising costs will automatically be converted to visitors according to the click price

2. Getting Visitors According to Your Business Target

AdWords will show your ads according to the targeted keywords. For example, if you have a car rental business and you are targeting the keyword 'cheap car rental in Jaipur, then the visitors who come to your website through AdWords are those who search according to the keywords you are targeting. So your ad will not appear in keywords that are not in accordance with what you have targeted, so that the visitors who come must be in accordance with your target.
3. Website Reputation Increases Along with Website SEO

SEO optimization is usually done by targeting certain keywords, then you don't need to worry about your website SEO will be damaged when placing advertisements through AdWords. Instead advertising on AdWords will benefit you because searches for keywords that are sought after for SEO optimization will be indexed by Google.
4. Sales Turnover Increases

On Google's official website, they give a statement regarding the Increase in your business turnover. The point is that AdWords can't guarantee a product turnover will definitely increase, even though AdWords has managed to increase sales turnover by around 10 to 50% and even up to 90%, but Google still cannot guarantee turnover will definitely increase because it is influenced by many factors. For example, such as keyword targets, ad budget, business fields, and so on.


Benefits of Bulk SMS and Voice SMS Marketing

BulkSMS Services can provide added value and improve the quality of customer service and consumer voice through your Company's SMS Center service.

The Benefits Include:

Send announcements to members / employees
Product promos and discounts
Provide meeting schedule information to employees
Providing maturity information to customers

Disseminate information on funding assistance for the construction of religious facilities
Voice SMS Service is Delivery of announcements to students 'and students' parents
As an SMS center and complaint service

Bulk SMS and Voice SMS Marketing

Congratulations to relatives
Thank you to donors
And others

Bulk SMS Gateway Can Be Used To Send:

SMS Information
Announcement SMS
SMS Reminder
Bulk SMS and Voice SMS Marketing

SMS Customer Service
SMS Campaign
And others


List of Thermal Power Plants in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is home state to some of the best power plants in the country. It is amongst the only three states in the country that has met the target of power generation under the 11th five year plan. Thermal power plants use Coal as a fuel for generation of electricity. Rajasthan has very less amount of coal.

List of Thermal Power Plants of Rajasthan

Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Plant

Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Station is the biggest Thermal Power Plants of Rajasthan, which is located approximate 27 km away from Suratgarh town in Ganganagar district. The thermal plant has 6 units that can produce 250 MW each (6x250=1500 MW).

Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Plant

Commission Year: 1998
Primary Fuel: Coal

Kota Super Thermal Power Plant

Kota Super Thermal Power Plant

Kota Super Thermal Power Plant Located on the bank of Chambal River in Kota, Rajasthan. This power plant is the Rajasthan state's first major coal fired thermal power plant. The plant also known as one of the most efficient and prestigious thermal power plants in India. Plant has 7 units that can produce 1240 MW electricity.

Commission Year: 1983
Primary Fuel: Coal

Chhabra Thermal Power Plant

Chhabra Thermal Power Plant is located in located at Chowki Motipura (Village) of tehsil Chhabra in Rajasthan's Baran district. The Chhabra Thermal Power Plant is a coal fired power plant which has 2 operational units with a total installed capacity of 500 MW. 
Chhabra Thermal Power Plant

Commission Year: 2010
Primary Fuel: Coal

Kalisindh Thermal Power Station

Kalisindh Thermal Power Station is located 12 km away from Jhalawar town in Jhalawar district of Rajasthan state. The Thermal power plant is completely operated by Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd.

Kalisindh Thermal Power Station

Commission Year: 2014
Primary Fuel: Coal

Giral Lignite Power Plant 

Giral Lignite Thermal Power Station (GLTPP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited (RRVUNL). The power plant is located in Giral, Barmer district of Rajasthan. The thermal power plant has installed capacity of 250 MW.

Giral Lignite Power Plant

Commission Year: 2003
Primary Fuel: Lignite Coal

Barsingar Thermal Power Station 

Barsingar power station is a 250 MW; lignite based Thermal Power Station which is operated by Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC). The power plant is located at Barsingsar in Bikaner district, Rajasthan, India.
The first unit of 125 MW was commissioned on June 2010. The second unit of 125 MW was commissioned on January 2011.

Barsingar Thermal Power Station

Commission Year: Unit 1: December, 2011, Unit 2: January, 2012
Primary Fuel: Lignite

JSW Barmer Power Station 

The JSW Barmer Thermal Power Station is a coal-based power plant which is located in Bhadresh village in Barmer district of Rajasthan. This thermal power plant is maintained and operated by the JSW Energy Limited.

JSW Barmer Power Station

Primary Fuel: Coal

Kawai Thermal Power Station 

Kawai Thermal Power Station is a coal-based thermal power plant located in Kawai village in Baran district of Rajasthan. This thermal power plant is operated by the Adani Power. Kawai Thermal Power Plant has a total capacity of 1320 MW and has the capability to expand in future.

Kawai Thermal Power Station

Primary Fuel: Coal

VS Lignite Power Plant 

VS Lignite Power Plant is a lignite-based thermal power plant; it is located in Gurha village in Bikaner district, Rajasthan. The power plant is owned by KSK Energy Ventures. The thermal power station has an installed capacity of 135 MW.

Primary Fuel: Lignite

VS Lignite Power Plant


5 Best CBSE Schools in Kota, Rajasthan

Here is the list of best 5 CBSE Schools in Kota Rajasthan with complete details; we have compiled this list of Top Schools in Kota based on research from various sources (Times Survey, HT Survey and Education Word Survey). 

Today’s Every Parent wants to get their kid into a best English medium school that can provide them the quality education and focus on their good skills and all-round development.
In this article we will help you identify the Best Schools in Kota,Rajasthan for your kid.

List of Top CBSE Schools in Kota

1. Bansal Public School 

Bansal Public School is one of the most prestigious schools in the Kota city, with the vision of attaining global recognition. The BPS school provides a world class environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential so that he grows up to become a responsible individual with excellent knowledge and skills.

Bansal Public School - Kota, Rajasthan

Follows National Curriculum, Affiliated to CBSE
Coeducational Day school from Pre primary to 12th Standard

Address: Near Medical College, Ganesh Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan 324005
Contact No: 0744-2471600, 08890666600

2. Global Public School

The Global Public school is affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi and managed by Career Point which is equipped with facilities comparable with the best in the Kota City, both in academics and extra-curricular activities.

Global Public School - Kota, Rajasthan

Affiliated to C.B.S.E
Coeducational Day school from Play Group, Nursery to class XII

Address: A-2, Indra Vihar, Kota (Rajasthan) 324005
Contact: +91-744-2421979

3. DAV Public School 

With the chanting of Vedic Mantras, each day DAV Public School - Kota, springs back into life & action standing committed to develop the fundamentals of good education-an education for human excellence- scripting the destinies of thousands across the country.

DAV Public School - Kota, Jaipur

Follow National Curriculum, Affiliated to CBSE
Co-ed day school from Pre Primary to XII class

Address: Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan 324005
Contact No.-0744-2405992

4. Modi Public School 

Academics par excellence:-

1. Modi Public School – Kota, offers education to student’s right from Pre Nursery to standard XII.

2. We follow the CBSE curriculum in our school.

3. Key exams includes AISSCE and CCS for classes IX & X.
4. An appropriate teacher – student ratio of 1:30 ensures individual attention to the students.
5. Dedicated and well qualified experienced staff.
6. Career counseling and remedial classes form an integral part of school academic program.
7. We aim at developing an all round individual who is strong enough to sustain and creative enough to foster the needs of society.

Modi Public School – Kota, Rajasthan

Follow National Curriculum, Affiliated to CBSE
Co-Educational day school from Nursery to XII class

Address: Dadabari Extension, Kota, Rajasthan 324009
Contact No. - 0744-2505496, 2502321

5. Lawrence Mayo Public School

Lawrence Mayo Public School is the most ECO-Friendly school in the Kota city with lush green environment, large playgrounds, well ventilated class rooms and a central amphitheatre and above all having least consumption of electrical energy.

Lawrence Mayo Public School - Kota, Rajasthan

Follow National Curriculum, Affiliated to CBSE
Coeducational Senior Secondary English Medium Day School with classes from Nursery to XII

Address: Sector A Srinathpuram,, Kota, Rajasthan 324010
Contact No.0744 - 2472192, 2471192


Best Marketing Strategy for New Products

Beginner businessmen must be sure and dare to promote new products. Businessman creativity is the key to success in attracting the market amid increasingly competitive business competition. 
The following is a strategy for your new product to be successfully accepted by the market.

Time Intensity

Starting a business with a new product known to the market needs special attention. At least the average new businessman takes one year to introduce a new product in the community. Originality and ability of businessmen to capture market needs and opportunities do play a role, until finally the demand for products is higher Capacity. Business consistency in terms of time and commitment is a factor that determines business success.

Focus on the Business being Built

Direct involvement of the owner in building a business is an important key. At least you have to take the time to focus, from product introductions, selling directly at each exhibition, to product development to larger, personal, and corporate consumers. Employees are still needed in relation to the production and delivery process. But with regard to business, financial and product management, the owner needs to go directly into the initial stage of business development.

Active Promotion

Best Marketing Strategy for New Products

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Following various promotional events, such as exhibitions or other forms of cooperation, greatly supports the success of the product to capture the market. Business people need to take risks, even though it takes a lot of money for promotion, Digital Marketing. More value than the original product is a high selling power. The high costs incurred for overseas promotion, for example, are risks that must be taken. Believe that products are needed by consumers, and are able to attract market interest. 

Build Trust with Customers

Consumer trust arises from how businesses build relationships. The main thing lies in the satisfaction of the product, and the service of the business owner. Delivery is on time, and the owner is always ready to respond to requests at any time, an important key to building trust. Businessmen also need to understand what customers want. Good communication also determines how trust builds with business relationships.

Good Communication to Customer’s

Poor communication causes the failure of marketing new products for novice businessmen. Therefore, beginner businesses need to hone communication skills for product marketing and promotion needs. When introducing products to potential market segments, you rely on communication skills.
Best Marketing Strategy for New Products

Give Product Information as Complete as Possible
Beginner businessmen must be more creative in everything Included in exploring the uniqueness and excellence of its products. Provide information as complete as possible to consumers about your product. That way, consumers get a clear message about the benefits or uniqueness of your product.

Exploring product information more deeply, then distributing it to consumers is one way to build images. Online Marketing creativity is again needed here. Nothing can limit you to exploring various information media, and unique creative ways. Back to the initial principle, creative and brave.


Target Right Customers through Bulk SMS Marketing

Marketing experts know that communication is the main key to success. The only difference is how an entrepreneur can work efficiently and effectively without piercing too many holes in his pocket.
Being a technology expert is one of the factors that can help every type of business develop in a particular industry. 
Record the "customer comes first" motto and take it further to a different level in terms of customer satisfaction, communication, and service can be achieved all at the same time.

How can you do it?
Bulk SMS Marketing

If you have used a cell phone and an internet connection in dealing with your clients, then you are in the right place. However, integrating the simplicity of sending messages via cellophanes and combining them with the efficiency of internet usage is the key to making your business more accessible and visible to your existing clients and targets. This can now be done through Bulk SMS Services.

Sending bulk SMS through certain service providers can help you reach more prospective clients. Say for example you have a website where people sign up for cellular bulletins and updates. You can integrate SMS update offers with a simple click of a button to activate your site visitors.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Mass messages Your SMS gateway can be handled easily and on time through software that you can download and by paying for business packages from providers. This is where some businesses may have problems, especially when they don't know what to look for.

When looking for providers, it is best to look for one who has established his name in the industry. Famous Bulk SMS Service in Jaipur have many network connections to ensure their clients are up-to-date in spreading messages to their customers; thus preventing downtime and unnecessary network transfers.

A wise business will always find ways to reach more customers without spending too much. With simple text messages, you can get your customers' attention and then some. You can reach more potential clients when your Digital Marketing efforts are forwarded to your customers, family and friends. It's simple and easy to do, so why not invest some money in Bulk SMS or pay a small fee for a business package.

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