Facebook Ads VS Google Adwords Secrets, Which is Better for Business?

Currently, the development of business promotion has been growing rapidly. Not only the use of electronic media, or print media, now the product promotion can be done also in the world of digital / online. There are two types of paid advertising is no doubt its superiority, namely Google and Facebook.
Facebook Ads VS Google Adwords

Both have a large market share. Google as a search engine, using search results as a medium to show ads. While Facebook as a social media, with the number of users that so many, can serve as a fitting place to put ads. Then if you want to choose one, which one is most effective? 

Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords? 

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads is an advertising service provided by the world's largest social media, Facebook. Their ad laying is on the right side of Facebook's social media display with a "Sponsored" description and also in the News Feed section.
As a social media with the most users in the world, then Facebook becomes a place where many people socialize every day. Of the many people this is Facebook utilizing the name of Viral Effect from its users.
Facebook Ads
So Facebook allows us as people who advertise to determine the target of the ads that we install. Settings ranging from age, status, language, and country. That way, then Facebook will serve ads by viewing the user profile.

The disadvantages of paid advertising media on this one are that ads can only be viewed by those using Facebook. Despite being the largest social media in the world for now, certainly not everyone has a Facebook account.

Google Adwords

Facebook Ads VS Google Adwords

The Advantages of Google Adwords are:

  • As the biggest search engine today, Google has a huge market share.
  • We can set the placement of ads that are easily seen by others
  • We can choose an ad category so that when people search for a keyword related to our campaign, it will appear there.
  • Ads will fit the target. By utilizing the keywords sought, then the ads will be in accordance with the target that we seek.
  • Visitors do not have to login to Google to be able to see the ad. So it will reach more people who open this search engine
Google Adwords


  • If ads have suspicious links or ads violate the rules of Google Adwords, they will be banned permanently. So need to be careful in advertising there. Note also their TOS so as not to violate the rules.
  • In the advertising payment process that we install, the payment can only be done by credit card only. (UPDATE) Now we can pay Google Adwords ads by way of deposit via ATM transfer.
See the shortcomings and advantages, which is the most effective in Digital Marketing, Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords? It goes back to potential advertisers. From the above reviews, we certainly can choose which service seems the most fitting to the needs of our business.

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