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Digital Marketing 2018: Top 10 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Business

If you think Digital Marketing or Online Marketing is not something big and influential, then you are wrong. Starting in 2014, the number of ads posted on the internet has already beaten ads on television and cable television networks.
Traditional Advertising is no longer a 'power' considering that multi-channel Digital Marketing is growing by 137% plus support for a 500% increase in brands using Digital Marketing strategies. This increase is of course driven by consumers and yourself.

Benefits of Digital Marketing for Business

You need to know that the Digital Marketing system is not as complicated as you might think. Digital Marketing has brought huge benefits to entrepreneurs and consumers alike.
Here are 10 benefits of digital marketing for businesses that will convince you.

1. Connecting You with Consumers on the Internet

Currently consumers are no longer looking for information about a product or service through a classifieds page. Currently, at least 80% of consumers use the Internet to obtain information about products or services more easily and conveniently.

2. Generate High Sales

Digital Marketing Generates High Sales for Business
Through digital marketing, you can reach more of the audience you are targeting. You can also generate leads and achieve a conversion (sales) increase of up to 24%. Digital marketing 'opens' the path of marketing efforts that will produce profitable results.

3. Make You More Thrifty

Digital Marketing report showing how small entrepreneurs are now profiting from digital marketing. For example, as many as 40% of them report on the cost efficiency that exists in their business.

Digital Marketing for Business

The small business is meant here is a business or company that has limited resources. Digital marketing can then help business owners, not only generating new generations and consumers, but also helping to save business expenses.

4. Enable Real-Time Customer Service

Digital marketing offers you a real-time customer or customer response mechanism that will have a big impact on your business success according to a report from eMarketer.

5. Reaching Mobile Users

digital marketing activities through mobile devices

Digital marketing takes you into a huge market area, where digital marketing activities through mobile devices generate up to 34% of all organic traffic.

6. Helps Generate High Revenue

Consumers who make online transactions require six major points to convince them to make a purchase, after which they can even make four times more purchases from consumers normally.
A digital marketing strategy is confirmed to result in a 2.8 times greater profit increase for a business than traditional marketing.

7. ROI Becomes Higher

Digital Marketing ROI

In the HubSpot report, it is confirmed that digital marketing can help you to generate better Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) than traditional marketing or even telemarketing.

8. Maintain Your Position against Competitors

Many brands and businesses are now competing with their Digital Marketing Campaigns. Employers use a variety of channels including displays, PPCs, and social media usage.

9. Helping You Compete with Large Companies

Not only does your position align with your competitors, but digital marketing also allows you to compete head to head with brands and large companies.

10. Prepare You for the Internet Age of Things

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