How to Choose the Best Catering Service for Your Event

Planning a birthday party, marriage anniversary or wedding is a complex thing. You are required to provide everything to Event Planner and Organizer. You have to really calculate how many guests come, the excess guests, with the food to be prepared. Moreover, if the event experienced a surge of unexpected guests present in the event. There will certainly be an additional amount of food. For that, you should really pay attention to it.

Best Catering Service

However, not only in quantity to be considered, the type of food, food taste, to quality must be considered in order not to disappoint guests in attendance. But you do not have to worry about what food menu will be provided, now a lot of event catering services are widespread that can help you in these important events. 
So what should be considered before deciding to choose Best Catering Services? Consider the following reviews.

Watch the Budget

This is the most important thing recorded in the event planning. Previously you need to know how many guests are invited, how many guests are roughly inviting colleagues and their families (meaning more than invitation quota). That way you can guess what percentage of food should be ordered so no less during the event.

Best Catering Service

The most important thing is, you have to provide additional food for VIP guests like family, or close relatives. This is to prevent if they arrive late or they are busy with being a committee so do not have time to eat in the party.

Forms Committee

The committee here is a committee that only served to take care of the consumption. If indeed this is a wedding party, it is very important to consider. It is usually the event catering service is always preparing some people who stand by during the event, but in order to be more organized and controlled, it helps you form a committee from relatives to help manage the consumption.

It aims to continue to monitor what foods are out of stock then the committee can inform the employees of the catering services to directly add or remove new foods. Very helpful is not it?

Survey First

Best Catering Service

Before choosing a catering service is selected, you should do a survey directly to the catering company. Do they have a good quality, a good cleanliness, and other important points.

Determine Type of Food

If you want your event to be decorated with a traditional concept, you can choose the type of catering that provides a traditional menu. Or if you want to have a modern concept, you can choose a catering service that provides modern food and Fast Food. Or maybe you want to have the concept of a traditional wrapped event? 

Why not, you can choose a catering service that has a full menu that is traditional and modern. So, make your choice early on yes.


Best Catering Service

Each package selected in this event catering service has a difference, for example when you select package A, it will be provided spoons, forks, pans, tablecloths, and package B is not provided with tablecloth. You should be more careful what packages and facilities are available in the package. Do not let the wrong choice, because it is not possible to change the type of package or replace the catering services.

Location of Catering Services

Choose the location of catering services that if affordable by the house or building where the event will be held.

Best Catering Service

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