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List of Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals

List of Rajasthan Fairs and Festivals

When we think about Rajasthan, we think of colors and brightness, royalty and hospitality, celebrations, music, dance, culture and tradition.

These Rajasthan fairs and festivals are stunning spectacles of vibrant colors, delectable delicacies, traditional. The real experience of Rajasthan is never complete unless you have a taste of the myriad fairs and festivals that it has to offer. They are a celebration of life, culture, heritage, and nature, in true Rajasthani style.

Here are some of the fairs and festivals of Rajasthan you must experience at least once in your life.

Fair & Festivals of Rajasthan

Camel Festival

Where: Bikaner
Duration of Festival: 2 days 
Attractions: Spectacular and unusual camel performances.

Bikaner camel festival showcases the creative side of the people as they perform various activities like camel decoration, camel hair cutting, camel milking and camel dancing. Every year camel fest is organized by Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, of Bikaner, Government of Rajasthan. On the final day of camel fest, there is a magnificent firework which lights up the entire city of Bikaner.

Nagaur Fair

Where: Nagaur
Duration of Festival: 4 days 
Attractions: Cattle Fair, Methi & Mirch (chillies)

Nagaur feast provides the largest platform for trading cattle, cows, bullocks, oxen, camel and horses. In this feast People are seen wearing vibrant dresses and long moustaches. Nagaur Fair is the 2nd largest cattle feast in India. Here various games like tug-of-war, camel races, cock fights etc are organized for the entertainment of tourists. 

Mewar Festival

Where: Udaipur 
Duration of Festival: 3 days 
Attractions: Cultural performances on folk music!

The Mewar festival is one of the most important festival of Udaipur and the rich culture of Rajasthan is at its all-time best. During this festival, Rajasthani women carry the statues of Isar and Gangaur towards Lake Pichola. The whole city of Udaipur is decorated beautifully in colorful streamers and one can feel that a grand celebration is round the corner.

Pushkar Fair

Where: Pushkar 
Duration of Festival: 13 days 
Attractions: A Camel Safari, Hot Air Ballooning

Pushkar fair is considered as the biggest platform to buy and sell of camels, cattle and horses - most of the trading, however, is completed in the days leading up to the fair. Pushkar Mela is celebrated every year in the month of Kartik.

The Pushkar Fair gathers camel traders and associates from all the parts of the world. One can witness unusual performances like camel dancing, bump riding, neck shaking and various other things. By the end of the Pushkar Fair, live dance and music performances are organized to celebrate the culture of Rajasthan.

Gangaur Festival

Where: All over Rajasthan 
Duration of Festival: 18 days 
Attractions: Reverence of Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati

The Gangaur festival is celebrated by the womenfolk with great enthusiasm and devotion for Gauri, the consort of Lord Shiva. While married women worship Gauri, unmarried women worship the Goddess to get blessed with good husbands.  All the female members gather to dress the image of Isar and Gangaur and then carry them in a ceremonial procession through different parts of the city.

Desert Festival

Where: Jaisalmer 
Duration of Festival: 3 days (Comes to end on full moon day)
Attractions: Cultural shows

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the real sandstones and magical castles. The Desert festival lasts for 3 days- one can experience fancy camel ride, participate in camel races, polo matches, turban tying competitions and various other things. The best part about the Desert festival is the folk dance performance on the last day of the event.

Teej Fair

Where: All over Rajasthan (particularly in Jaipur) 
Duration of Festival: 1 day 
Attractions: Uplifting occasion filled with singing, swinging, and dancing

Teej Fair plays a very significant role in the women life as they celebrate Teej festival in the honour of Parvati, who is also known as 'Teej Mata’. Other than, to improve the marital status of their lives, women in Rajasthan fast on the day of Teej for marital bliss. It is a colorful festival where all the ladies enjoy swing, sing, apply heena and adorn themselves with all the jewelry.

Kite Festival

Where: Jodhpur
Attractions: kite competitions, helicopters releasing kites, balloon releasing

This is the iconic festival of Jodhpur, which takes place during January as a part of harvest festival. This three-day festival is all about flying and floating. You can enjoy kite competitions, helicopters releasing kites, balloon releasing and much more.

Summer Festival

Where: Mount Abu 
Duration of Festival: 3 days 
Attractions: Live shows, CRPF road show, processions

This Summer Festival starts with a procession, live dance program on the first day, followed by sports activities like skating race, horse race, boat race and various other on the 2nd and the 3rd day. To celebrate the exuberance and spirit of this small hill station, every year Mount Abu organizes a 3 days cultural festival on Buddh Purnima.