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Facts about JSW Barmer Thermal Power Station

Facts about JSW Barmer Thermal Power Station

JSW Barmer Thermal Power Station is a 1080 MW coal-based power plant located in Bhadresh village in Barmer district Rajasthan. The power plant is operated by the JSW Energy Limited.
The coal for the plant is sourced from Kapurdi and Jalipa mines. Water for power plant is sourced from Indira Gandhi Canal by constructing a 185 km pipeline.


With phase 1 of the plant nearing completion, JSW is seeking approval for the construction of an additional two 135MW units on the same parcel of land. In a January 2012 presentation to investors, JSW Energy stated that it had applied to the Ministry of Coal for an additional coal linkage and that it was awaiting government approval for the project In August 2014, the company said on its website that it possessed the necessary land for the project.

In February 2015 Raj West Power received a terms of reference to expand the thermal power plant by one 660 MW unit. In November 2015 Raj submitted an EIA for the project. With no developments since the 2015 application, plans for the expansion appear to be shelved.

Coal Supply

On its website, JSW states that "Rajasthan State Minerals and Mining Ltd. and Raj West Power Limited have collaborated to setup a joint venture company, Barmer Lignite Mining Company Limited (BLMCL). This is the first and largest public- private partnership in the State of Rajasthan. It shall be mining and supplying Lignite from Jalipa and Kapurdi mines to Raj West 
Power Ltd.

The major part of the land required for the power project has already been purchased and the site activities have commenced. The water required for the project is piped 185 kilometers from Indira Gandhi National Project (IGNP) for which water supply agreement has also been signed."


The water requirement of JSW Thermal Power Plant is estimated as 35.5 cusecs, which will be obtained from Indira Gandhi Canal at Mohangarh at a distance of 184 km through pipeline. CFBC boilers with lime injection will be provided.

Project Details

Project Details Sponsor: Raj West Power Limited (RWPL)
Parent: JSW Energy

Location: near Bhadresh village, Barmer district, Rajasthan

Coordinates: 25.89494, 71.3256454 (exact)


Units 1-8: Operating 
Unit 9: Shelved
Units 1-8: 1080 MW (8 x 135 MW)
Units 9: 660 MW

Type: Circulating fluidized bed

Projected in service: Phase I: 2012/2013

Coal Type: Lignite

Coal Source: Lignite from nearby Jalipa and Kapurdi mines as well as coal from Indonesia
Estimated annual CO2: 6,386,797 tons

Unique Features

This Thermal Power Plant is Located in the Thar Desert, the plant runs smoothly in spite of local weather challenges — extreme heat and cold temperatures, sandstorms and lack of vegetation and water.

Its close proximity to the fuel source — The Jalipa and Kapurdi lignite mines — gives the pithead power station an advantage.

In a first for a power plant in India, a dedicated, 185-km pipeline has been constructed to source water from the Indira Gandhi Canal.
Fly ash generated from the power units is utilized in cement plants. 

Technical Features

The Barmer plant is based on the CFBC technology, which allows the use of low-grade fuel such as lignite. CFBC technology enables the plant to use the low-calorific coal, which also has high sulphur and moisture levels.