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Benefits of Google My Business for Local Business

Google makes your business easy to find by anyone, anywhere, anytime. If you have ever accessed Google, you must be familiar with the display of search results as found in the picture. 
There are 4 important points that you can optimize to bring up your business presence in the digital world.

Google Search Keywords
Organic Search Results
Business Listings
Google AdWords Ads

Quickly Using Google My Business, you can create or claim free listings for your business. 
The way to make your business appear on Google My Business is to register. Follow the steps until Google will send a PIN to verify your business address.

After the business address is verified, you can fill in all information about the business in Google My Business. Be it business description, tagline, photos, opening hours, email address, website url, customer interaction posting text and images for general information, promos, events and listing your business products.

You can help customers find your business, telling them the story of your business.
Google My Business Increases Local Ranking on Google Search
Google helps local businesses to appear first in search facilities Shown in a box with 3 local business information. Only then will the website list appear below. So this is good news for SMEs.
Let's use it. Immediately register your business, complete the information there and Google will do something to bring up your business.

Benefits of using Google My Business to attract New Customers:

1. Google My Business is Free!

Just use one Gmail account and you can register your business with Google My Business. Google will verify by sending a PIN on your mobile number or through a postcard. Make sure your business address is correct. When it's verified, you can manage and display your business for free. All features and facilities are free. You can manage 100 business profiles in 1 Gmail account!

2. Helping Consumers Find Your Physical Business Address.

Your business will be listed officially on the map (Google Maps). The map is one of the facilities in Google My Business. Everyone already knows how to operate Google MapsGoogle My Business will record the request for this map and present it as statistics for you.

3. Better Display on Google Search.

The appearance when people search on Google is: a list of websites appears as a result of Google Ads, then the box contains 3 companies (this is Google My Business), and below it lists websites that appear organically. This box is displayed interesting by Google. 

4. Google My Business Displays Useful Information.

Google My Business provides information update facilities so that they will quickly appear in search results. Users will know immediately and Google will do something for your business. Users will see your business data including: Operating hours, directions (directions), website address, photos, telephone buttons, business descriptions, posting updates on promos, events and products. 

5. Add Sales Marketing Channels.

Since Google raises local businesses, automatically your business profile in Google is like a store to take advantage of facilities to update post promos, events and products in it to display all your business activities.

6. Getting Insights from Analytical Facilities.

There is a facility called Analysis (Insight) that displays information on the origin of visits, the number of visits, actions taken by consumers.

7. Review Facilities.

Business if more and more discussed positively will create a high level of trust for consumers. Benefit review is to ask your customers to fill it. 

8. Can be accessed using a Smartphone.

You can download the Google My Business application through the Appstore or Google Play. Enough of your hand you can update and manage your business. It should be easier to use.