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Dialmenow is Rajasthan’s number one search destination in the making. The service bridges the gap between buyers and sellers by helping buyers find the right providers of products and services while helping sellers to enhance their sales and improve the efficiency of their marketing channels. We aim to leverage on our existing relationships with SMEs that we have established over the years through our successful and very popular publications portfolio of Rajasthan Business Directory, Rajasthan Exporters’ Directory, Rajasthan Industries Directory, Jaipurities’ Survival Guide, Jaipur City Map. We aim to differentiate ourselves from national search services by customizing & focusing our services on Rajasthan and bringing in a local flavour & expertise. Our vision is to become a mutually beneficial platform for all B2B and B2C transactions in Rajasthan – because when you benefit, we benefit. If you have any query, Dialmenow...0141-4800000.



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Veto Switch Gears and Cables LTD

Veto Switchgears LTD engaged in manufacturing of Wires & Cables , Electrical Accessories , Industrial Cables , Fans , CFL Lamps , Pumps , Modular Switches , LED lights , Immersion Heater , MCB and distribution boards .

Veto Switch Gears and Cables LTD engaged in manufacturing of Wires & Cables , Electrical Accessories , Industrial Cables , Fans , CFL Lamps , Pumps , Modular Switches , LED lights , Immersion Heater , MCB and distribution boards.
Veto is India's first company to produce ISI mark electrical accessories in INDIA. The company uses high quality raw material to give best products to its customers. VETO holds a major share of market in India

Veto Switch Gears and Cables Ltd
Veto Switch Gears and Cables Ltd

VETO is a brand name registered since 1967; we have a strong distribution network of 2500 dealers across the country to provide our quality products to our valued customers. The company is manufacturing all types of housing wires under the brand name VIMAL POWER which is a renowned brand in the western region of India. Company strives to set new benchmarks in providing high quality products at competitive rates.

Quality Brands India 2013-15
Quality Brands India 2013-15

The company's states of art manufacturing plants in India are located at Haridwar and Mumbai which are continuously manufacturing all the products with excellence and precision in the electrical industry. The company has a strong team of highly qualified professionals who strive to innovate the best products with the use of advanced high tech machinery. The group sustained the position as a leading supplier of electrical goods in the gulf countries for a time period of more than a decade

Veto Products
Veto Products 

The company launched its IPO in market in the year 2012 and became a Public Limited company. The progressive growth of the company is reflected through its share value in the market.
Company get listed on SME Platform of National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) Emerge on 12/12/12 and migrated on Main Board of NSE on April 29, 2015.
Company get listed its Equity Shares on Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) on September 9, 2015.

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