The SWOT Analysis of Rajasthan

The SWOT Analysis of Rajasthan


Vast land area - Rajasthan is the largest State in the country.
Abundant mineral wealth – more than 25 major and minor metallic and nonmetallic minerals are available. In some of the minerals, Rajasthan is number one in the country.
Rich culture and heritage – known for Rajasthani culture, traditions in textiles, gems & jewellery and handicrafts.
Plenty of sunshine.
Stable polity and peaceful & conducive working environment.
Nearness to National Capital.
Proven commercial and entrepreneurial acumen - people of Rajasthan origin have been
successful in various industrial and commercial ventures throughout the country and abroad.


Rajasthan is land locked - advantages of coast, ports are not available
Poor literacy particularly female (43.85% as compared to 53.7% for the country)
Scarcity of English speaking manpower
Drought prone
Expanding desert area
Limited water resources – only handful of perennial rivers such as        
Chambal, Banas, Mahi.
Inadequate railway network
Low investment by GOI/PSUs of GOI

SWOT Analysis of Rajasthan
SWOT Analysis of Rajasthan

Gems & Jewellery
Auto & Auto Ancillaries
Wind/Solar Energy
Tourism & Education
Delhi-Mumbai Freight Corridor (39% passes through Rajasthan)


Competition from economically well off States
Vagaries of nature
Decreasing female/male ratio (920 per 1000 as compared to 933 for the country)
Rising cost of land
Failure of monsoon causing disruption in power supply to industry
Proximity to Pakistan

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