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PS Polyplast Pvt. Ltd.

PS Polyplast Pvt. Ltd. is the flagship company of young and dynamic PS Group established in 2010 and based at Alwar in Rajasthan, which has diverse business interests synergized in Plastics and allied products for the Building materials industry.

The company has set up a state-of-the art Plant at Matsya Industrial Area in Alwar with imported high speed extrusion lines and ultra precision tooling of latest technology to produce India’s best extra high UV resistant UPVC door and window profiles under the brand name PSP, completely meeting the British Standard BS EN 12608 with Class-B wall thickness (2.5 mm for outer wall). 

PS Polyplast Pvt. Ltd Team
PS Polyplast Pvt. Ltd Team
The profiles are lead free, ROHS compliant, supported by German technology and extruded out of specially formulated compound to meet the tropical Indian climatic conditions which are severe compared to climatic conditions of European countries, China, etc.

The product range also includes laminated profiles with base colour matching the foil shades. The laminated foils used are suitable for tropical climatic conditions.

The company has plans to venture into WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) doors in the near future.
The promoter of the company earlier served with MNCs producing electrical goods at senior level positions. The Core Management Team of the company consists of 4 professionals with 2-3 decades of industry experience including a decade of experience in the UPVC profiles industry at senior level positions.

PS Polyplast Pvt. Ltd
PS Polyplast Pvt. Ltd Award

The company has country-wide marketing network which will work in close co-ordination with customers (Fabricators of UPVC windows & doors) for promoting PSP brand UPVC profiles with Architects, Influencers, Interior designers, Consultants and Builders. The fabricators will also be provided with technical support in setting up the fabricating unit.


To see the Indian end customers of UPVC windows & doors becoming more Quality conscious realizing the importance of compound (blend) used for making UPVC profiles.

Sliding Window & Doors
Sliding Window & Doors

Provide to customers (Fabricators), High UV resistant and sturdy UPVC profiles extruded out of specially formulated and non-hazardous (lead free) compound to withstand high UV radiation levels and wind-load conditions of India, and create more and more happy end customers.

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