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Gaston Energy India Pvt. Ltd.

Putting Technology to work

Gaston Energy India is a collaborative venture with Gaston, Hong Kong that has commenced its production and exports of VRLA batteries at Jaipur, Rajasthan since August 2016.
Gaston Energy India now brings to you, from India, the batteries of the repute of Gaston, a leading international name in the world of Batteries and offers you the best of both worlds

• The quality backed by the established Gaston technology and
• The commercial advantage of “Made in India”

The name Gaston is synonymous with quality that is well known in China and its various export markets that Gaston is servicing from its China factories and now from India Works as well.
Now the same top-quality products are being manufactured in India by Gaston's Indian plant located in Jaipur.

• Gaston Energy India has a team of Chinese experts that man all the critical manufacturing processes, ensuring the highest possible quality. Gaston Energy India can supply VRLA batteries to suit clients' requirements in:

Telecommunication | Electric Power | Computer Network | Railway | Military | Broadcast and Television | Electric Bicycle | Electric Car etc.

Gaston Energy Products
Gaston Energy Products
Gaston's ultra-modern manufacturing facility in Jaipur is large and has a capacity of 1200 KVAH per day. Presently it can also supply Battery Plates of various sizes and capacities at very reasonable prices. These particularly will be a great boon to various battery assembling factories.

In opportune times Gaston Energy India provides a wonderful option to take advantage of the relatively conducive conditions, when LME climbs up steeply and the rate of Lead in China hover sat high levels.

With a name like Gaston now present in India, the opportunity needs to be cashed upon by having the same time-tested technology from Hong Kong/China with Indian advantages of:

Economical prices • Less Lead Time 
• Convenient and cheaper logistics 
• More control over supplies

Our product portfolio from India works includes batteries ranging from 12 V - 40 Ah to 12 V - 200 Ah. Shortly the product portfolio would be further broad banded to have 2V batteries as well.

While our batteries are being exported under our own GASTON brand, we have also been patronized by some of the major and prominent OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) of India. Gaston has a strong focus on research and technological development to foster its growth and supply innovative solutions to its customers.

Gaston Group, owning 3 factories of hi-technology valve regulated sealed battery, with its production scale and marketing share, takes a leading role in the Chinese domestic market. 8 ranges of products are extensively used in the trades of telecommunication, electric power, broadcast television milting equipment, ups system, solar energy and security. Gaston Battery Industrial LTD, headquartered in Hongkong, has opened a Logistic office and invested 100% in production bases in mainland China. It focuses on overseas international market and offers a wide range of service to help group growing and globalizing.

Gaston Energy Manufacturing Unit
Manufacturing Unit

Gaston offers complete battery solutions for all the reserve power applications found in:

• UPS & Inverters • Data Centers   • Heavy Duty Equipment in Oil & Gas • Rolling Stock & Stationary applications in Railways • Utility Power Equipment in Power Plants, Switching Stations, Power Distribution and Generator Starting • Nuclear Power Stations.

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