10 Best Social Media Management and Digital Marketing Tools

Currently social media has developed very quickly. If you use social media for the benefit of your business, then you have used a number of social media support tools for your business.
This tool for social media marketing management can increase your productivity, help you manage everything from customer service to sales issues, and generally make you a social media expert. Then how do you decide which social media management tools you will use? 
Here are 10 Best Social Media Management Tools that you can Choose:

1. Content Gems

One challenge in social media is how to produce content that will be read and shared by followers. They are the ones who exercise control here, so if you’re content fails to attract their attention; it is very difficult to grow your business through social media.
Content Gems

What many business people don't realize that use social media is that you don't have to create your own content. Content curation is a great way to keep your followers engaged. Content Gems allows you to be able to search, adapt sources and determine social media signals to identify and find content.

2. Nexalogy

To be able to share or share content relevant to followers, you must first know what content is relevant to them? Before you start planning your content marketing strategy, you must ask, "What are the interests of my followers?"
If your business brand already has thousands of followers without you knowing their interests first, then measuring these areas of interest is quite difficult.

Nexalogy is a good social media management tool to get started. This application will analyze what topics are trending. You can choose to see the best 10 results from Twitter hash tags (for example) or tag clouds that show relationships between topics.

3. Syndicator Hoot Suite

Time is the essence of social media management, and having interesting content to engage your followers is very important. Create an RSS (Rich Site Summary) or a standard website format to publish information regularly.
You can streamline the process further by setting up an RSS reader to deliver content directly to your social media management client. If you use Hoot suite, the Hoot suite Syndicator is a powerful feature that you can use. This feature is able to filter, monitor and track information for your social media management needs.
Syndicator Hoot suite

4. Rankspeed

You can use Rankspeed to find relevant topics in your social media network. However, Rankspeed uses a different method to sort topics, that is, by filtering the feed of your social media brand or business with sentiment (neutral, positive or negative).
Not only that, you can also keep track of all mention of your brand on social media and analyze the sentiment behind these postings. That way you can see which and how content that resonates with your followers.

5. Insightpool

The ability to capture information is an important aspect in the social media space. You want to know what people say about you, and what they say in general, so you can stay abreast of trends and create messages or relevant content.

This method is used so that you can get real time data about social media, information decisions and the right 'execution'.

6. Tailwind for Pinterest

Everyone already knows that you can schedule posts on Twitter or Facebook, but what about other social media?
If you don't know yet, Pinterest has also grown into a social media supporting the scope of business activities. With Tailwind, you can schedule Pins, pinning to multiple boards at once, save drafts and manage editorial calendars.

7. Marketo

If you use social media for business and you can't use it to find prospects, then build relationships and direct them to the right 'path' to avoid losing big opportunities.

Marketo is one of the well-known social media management tools in marketing automation. This tool can help you change contacts on social media to become customers. Not only that, Marketo also allows you to create leads from social networks, collect social data about existing leads, and help your display advertising sales process by informing you about the social interaction of the data.

8. YouTube Analytics

Whether you have a video maker team or a Snapchat Stories campaign for your latest product launch, it's important not to forget the video-sharing social media network of your social media strategy, YouTube.

If you want to be successful in video content, then you should know what kind of videos resonate with your audience or followers so that they push engagement.
The YouTube Analytics tool offers engagement details with your video content. YouTube Analytics also allows you to view the analysis of each video or overall. Data to be obtained includes overall follower activity, geographical location details, sharing analysis and others.

9. Zendesk


An important part of the presence of your business brand on social media is its ability to interact with customers in real time. Zendesk helps consolidate and manage all help requests simultaneously, including those coming from social media application channels.

10. Bulk Scheduler

Bulk Scheduler from Hootsuite allows you to upload spreadsheets with up to 350 content on your social media network to facilitate users. Hootsuite only require you to fill in the date, time and content that will be uploaded.
These are all social media management tools that you can use. Choose one, or maybe two suitable and appropriate tools to support the development of your social media and business.

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