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Wires & Fabriks (S.A. Ltd)

Wires & Fabriks: A Listed Company Established in 1963 With Works in Jaipur is The Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Paper Machine Clothing in India. Our Chemical Division Provides Speciality Chemicals That add Value in Paper Making.

We Manufacture a Full Range of Forming Fabrics, Woven & Spiral Link Screens for Sophisticated and High Speed Paper Machines and Export over 30 % of Our Production to Over 25 Countries Globally. Our Range also Includes Woven Fabrics for The Pulp Section & ETP Plants.

Our Jaipur Facility has Most Modern Equipment for Warping, Weaving & Seaming - At Par With the Best in our Field and Delivers 4th Generation Products Like - STL (SSB Forming Fabrics) and Uno-Tier (2-Tier Flat Warp) Dryer Screens.

Since 1995, Wires & Fabriks is also an important supplier & manufacturers of Speciality fabrics and Performance chemicals for paper making & paper machine clothing. We offer total machine clothing and equipments & other paper making products. Paper making chemicals are a source of value addition for paper makers and have a significant impact on the quality and cost of various paper and board grades.

We add value as a partner vendor in the areas of innovation and design, ultra modern manufacturing facility and technical service and support. We are well placed in terms of overall cost effectiveness, quick alignment to changing requirements, detailed machine studies and analytics , short cycle delivery and also better supply chain management. A highly qualified and experienced team of professionals work with customers to provide solutions for individual machines and paper making needs.

All this, now coupled with a technical collaboration with Albany International Inc.USA, for the most modern SSB Forming Fabrics, enables us to provide World Class value added products and services for the increasingly cost & quality conscious modern paper mills.

We Partner Our Customers To Address The Paper Machine Efficiency. Energy & Cost Optimizations.
Email : enquiry@wirefabrik.com

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