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Bhilwara Synthetics Ltd

BSL Ltd (original name Bhilwara Synthetics Ltd) made pioneering venture in 1970 being 1st Synthetic Suiting Manufacturing Unit of Rajasthan, with 8 Cimmco Looms and production of 10,000 meters per month.
Increased capacity to 48 Looms and started marketing Synthetic Suiting and Shirting under brand name of “Bhilwara Suiting”. Since then the Company has increased its Weaving capacity by installing another 142 looms, making a total of 198 looms.

Bhilwara Synthetics Ltd
Bhilwara Synthetics Ltd
In 1984, another pioneering step was taken by it when for the first time 8 shuttles less Sulzer Projetile Looms were installed in Rajasthan.
In 1989, another quantum technological advancement was made when 3600 Worsted Spinning spindles were set up, again a first of its kind venture in Rajasthan. The Company has increased its spindlege capacity to 8768 spindles as on today.

Synthetic Suiting
Synthetic Suiting
As part of backward integration the Company installed 8000 PV Synthetic Spindles in 2004 which has now increased to 18192 spindles.
In the year 2011-12, the Company had set up its Vortex Spinning plant by installing 5 machines having 6400 spindles.

Earlier in 1977, the Company promoted 1.25 lacs capacity Process House with own water pipeline and Effluent Treatment plants (ETP) which has now increased to 360 lac metres. In addition, the Company has its own Top, Fibre & Yarn Dyeing plant with a capacity of 3000 M.T In its 46th year of operation the Company is exporting 10 lacs meters Synthetic and Worsted Suiting to over 60 countries besides marketing all over India. 
Synthetic Suiting Online Shopping
Synthetic Suiting Online Shopping
Its current product range includes Synthetic suiting, Worsted suiting, Silk, Furnishing fabrics and high end viscose yarn. It has two well known brands namely “BSL Suiting and Geoffrey Hammonds”.

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