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Banswara Syntex Limited

Banswara Textile Udyog was established by renowned founder of Banswara Syntex Ltd Mr R.L Toshniwal in 1977. Banswara Syntex Ltd believes in progress and development. Basically, this industry has brought a different phase in Yarn Fabrics & Garment Industry. It deals in National as well as International Brands of Garments supply. It has got best achievements in the form of Golden Trophy in Synthetics & Rayon Spun Fabric.

Banswara Syntex Ltd
Banswara Syntex Ltd
Till date it has acquired Best Exporters Awards from SRTEPC for Polyster Viscos Fabrics. Our specialisation skills are in Viscos Staple Fibers, Acrylic Staple Fibres, Polyster Staple Fibers, Lycra, Linen & Wool.
We provide one of the best Brands of Yarn & Finished Fabric which has brought a great revolution in Clothing & Fashion Industries. Our Company's total turnover is 35,460 Ton of yarn per year which includes 33,300 ton of Synthetic Blended Dyed Yarn & 2160 ton Wool Mix Wasted Yarn.

The material capacity includes 130552 Spindles, 592 Air Jet Spindles & 21120 Wasted Spindles. Company has a capacity of 412 loom of which 378 Loom & 34 is of Jacord Loom combining produces 360 lakh meter of yarn every year. It also manufactures 1050 ton Fiber & 150 ton of yarn is used for dyeing.

Company uses 33 Mega Watt of coal based thermal power plant. Banswara Syntax Ltd Co also deals in manufacturing of Fancy Spun Yarn of which 90% is used in manufacturing of Fiber Dyed Yarn.
We also provide Coating & Lamination on Garments, Fire Retardent Fabric, Automotive Fabric etc. in Technical Textile Segment. 
We always give priority to the choice & daily changes in the taste of our customers. We regularly modify designs according to the recent developments in garment sectors.

Our Production Facilities:

New Technologies are also implemented in Ring Spinning for Rieter Auto Leveller, Draw Frames & Auto Corners and also Oyster Quantum Clears. But last not the least we also produce Ring Compact yarn, Wasted Yarn Fabrics.

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