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Dialmenow is Rajasthan’s number one search destination in the making. The service bridges the gap between buyers and sellers by helping buyers find the right providers of products and services while helping sellers to enhance their sales and improve the efficiency of their marketing channels. We aim to leverage on our existing relationships with SMEs that we have established over the years through our successful and very popular publications portfolio of Rajasthan Business Directory, Rajasthan Exporters’ Directory, Rajasthan Industries Directory, Jaipurities’ Survival Guide, Jaipur City Map. We aim to differentiate ourselves from national search services by customizing & focusing our services on Rajasthan and bringing in a local flavour & expertise. Our vision is to become a mutually beneficial platform for all B2B and B2C transactions in Rajasthan – because when you benefit, we benefit. If you have any query, Dialmenow...0141-4800000.



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Ajay Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

Ajay Agrotech is a part of Ajay Group of Companies, which commenced operations with humble beginnings in 1983, under the very able and competent leadership of our chairman, Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh.

Ajay Agrotech is a part of AjayGroup of Companies, which commenced operations with humble beginnings in 1983, under the very able and competent leadership of our chairman, Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh. Having run various businesses in different sectors such as automobiles, tyres, spare parts, etc., the group is currently diversified in Real Estate, Hospitality, Finance, Education and FMCG sectors.

The FMCG wing is spearheaded by Saptrishi Foods (A unit of Ajay Landmark Pvt. Ltd.), which manufactures Whole, Blended as well as Grounded Spices, Herbs, Cereals & Assorted Flours along with packaging Unpolished Pulses and Dry Fruits in Alwar, Rajasthan.

Saptrishi Foods was established in 2012 and has its registered and corporate offices in Jaipur, Rajasthan and Mumbai, Maharashtra respectively. Currently, we have market capitalization in four states, namely Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, but are growing consistently in domestic as well as international markets.

The company has its own R & D department and laboratory. A sample of every batch produced is tested at our own facility before it is packaged and dispatched. Maintaining the quality and product hygiene of our products is our utmost priority and we strive everyday to make sure we deliver only the best to our consumers.

The company holds certificates of ISO 9001, FSSAI, AGMARK, APEDA, Export Promotion Council, Spice Board of India, ISO 22000, HACCP and HALAL.
The current production capacity of the plant is 200-250 Ton per month for spices and 350-400 ton per day for flour and its byproducts. The plant is fully automated in order to ensure human interaction is kept to the bare minimum.

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