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Facts about Chhabra Thermal Power Station

Chhabra Thermal Power Station is a 1000 MW coal-fired based thermal power station in Rajasthan. A 1320 MW expansion of the power station is under construction.

Location: Unit 1 to 4

The Chhabra Thermal Power Station is located at Motipura Chowki, Chaabra tehsil, Baran, Rajasthan, India.

This Thermal Power Plant is operated by Rajasthan RV Utpadan Nigam (RVUN or RRVUN), a government-owned utility. It began as a 500 MW power station, commissioned in 2009-2010. The Chhabra Thermal Power Station was later expanded by two 250 MW units (Units 3&4). Unit 3 was commissioned in 2013, and unit 4 in 2014.

Unit 5 and 6: Stage 3

Two more 660 MW units (Units 5 and 6) have a proposed commissioning schedule during the 12th Plan (2012-17).
On Chhabra Thermal Power Station website (March 2012), the company reported the following details regarding toward Stage III.

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2163 Bigha land acquired; Section 4 Notification for additional 189 bigha land issued 1570 mcft water (300 mcft from Lhasi dam & 1270 mcft from Parwan dam) allocated by WRD
TOR issued on dated 11.12.09 by MoEF & Public hearing conducted at site on 15.02.10; application for EC submitted to
MoEF on dated 28.12.2010
M/s TCE appointed as project consultant
Presentation for EC has been made on dated 05.07.2011 at MoEF, New Delhi.
Case for Long Term Linkage recommended by MOP & forwarded to MoC

Stage-I forest clearance has been accorded by MOEF to “Parsa East and Kante Basan” coal blocks
Price bids of EPC tenders opened on 10.01.11 & are under examination; orders are in final stage & to be placed after allocation of coal linkage & issuance of Environmental Clearance

Commissioning Schedule – in 12th Plan


Parwan Major Irrigation Project is an interstate project & clearance from MOE&F required.
This project to be expedited by WRD on priority.
EC from MoEF pending for want of coal linkage.
EC from MoEF pending for coal block.
The project received environmental clearance in 2012.

In March 2015 units 5 and 6 were reported as under construction. According to RVUN, unit 5 is planned for commissioning in December 2016 and unit 6 in June 2018.

According to the India government (November 2016), unit 5 was synchronized in October 2016 and commissioned in April 2017. Chhabra Thermal Power Station Unit 6 is planned for 2018, but as of January 2019 there is no news it was commissioned.


In 2017 NTPC signed a non-binding MoU with the Rajasthan government to take over the Chhabra thermal power plant. While the total cost of the plant is estimated to around Rs 150 billion, NTPC was supposed to pay around Rs 50 billion for 1000 MW. 
The Chhabra Thermal Power Station deal however is stuck for political reasons. A non-binding MOU allows the parties to modify the terms later.

Project Details:

Sponsor: Rajasthan RV Utpadan Nigam
Location: Chowki-Motipura village, Chhabra tehsil, Baran district, Rajasthan.
Coordinates: Units 1-4: 24.62092, 77.035439 (exact); Units 5-6: 24.63433, 77.0385039 (exact)

Status and Capacity:

Unit 1 - 250 MW - Operating (commissioned October 30, 2009)
Unit 2 - 250 MW - Operating (commissioned May 4, 2010)
Unit 3 - 250 MW - Operating (commissioned September 14, 2013)
Unit 4 - 250 MW - Operating (commissioned 30 June 2014)
Unit 5 - 660 MW - Operating (commissioned April 4, 2017)
Unit 6 - 660 MW - Construction