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Work for Artists

Emerging from the traditional potters' cult in a very small village "Sinduara" in Bihar. 'Work for Artist foundry 'by me in 2006. As was from traditional potters family naturally my education start in art with clay when I was even. 
My grandfather taught me how to treat the clay to mould it in a beautiful pot. There I got the interest to play with natural materials which are still going on. I was fond of folk art from my childhood and my interest in art and folk art pushed me in to the life where I am today..

Work For Artist Foundry

As I was from a very poor family I moved from Bihar to Delhi for survival, where I met my Guru “B.K. Guru” He taught me everything about metal casting process such as lost wax process, investment casting, sand casting. As I was keen for art and traditional techniques I had experimented every possible technique from 5000 year old Indian traditional lost wax process of Chola period technique to dokra bronze casting technique to European techniques to most advance German technique of metal casting.

Work For Artist Foundry

Work For Artist Foundry is established and dedicating every effort possible to help the artist and artistic works who are seriously want to serve the world of art. For last 10 years 'Work for artist foundry' is working for Europe, China, Middle East etc. 

Work For Artist Foundry

It has been progressing in the field of art in varied mediums like bronze, copper, brass, steel, wood, stone and F.R.P. for exteriors and interiors with prestigious govt projects for museums, public art, monumental sculptures, portraits, life size and over life size figures of great characters.

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