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Takat Gems India Ltd.

Jaipur based Takat Gems began on a humble note in 1955 when Haji Nisar Ahmed started a factory for emerald cutting.  Since then the company has become a specialist in cutting and trading of a spectrum of gemstones like emeralds, tanzanite, alexandrite, ruby and sapphires as well as diamond. The company also deals in Silver and Gold Jewellery

Takat Gems and Jewellery
Takat Gems and Jewellery
Apart from India, Takat gems cater to its vast number of clients in Thailand, USA, Europe and Middle East countries. Takat Gems nurtures a rich legacy of imparting in-house training to the artisans. The conventional training ensures that the traditional talent essential for producing beautiful jewellery is retained. 
This skilled craftsman- ship complemented by the use of modern technology plays an important role in producing fine jewellery for the International markets, especially Thailand.

Takat Gems and Jewellery
Takat Gems and Jewellery
It procures rough from different mines and cuts it under the strin-gent supervision of trained staff. It has established a manufacturing and trading unit for precious stones in India.
Today, the company prides itself in producing and supplying finely cut gemstones in bulk at competitive prices. It has a wide range of inventory in semi precious stones like amethyst, citrine, garnet, peridot, aquama- rine, tourmaline, etc. Presently Takat Gems is well established in India, Thailand, USA and Hong Kong.

Takat Gems and Jewellery
Takat Gems and Jewellery
Siraj Ahmed Takat manages Takat Gem's India operations, while Rafeeq Ahmed Takat and M. A. Malik look after the Thai- land operations.
Takat is in charge of the key USA market. Irfan Ahmed Takat looks after Hong Kong business and company participated in all ma- jor jewellery shows of the world like Tuscan, Las Vegas, New York, Italy, Germany, Switzer- land, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai to name a few.

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