Goyal Motor Agency: Founded by Goyal family in 1981

Goyal Motor Agency

Founded by Goyal family in 1981, is an enterprise in Jaipur. The firm works with a mission 'To give quality products to communities we serve, through trust creation between buyer and seller'.

Enterprise operates independently under the guidance and supervision of its own directors. The company with significant scale includes HCV, LCV & car spare parts and specializing in distributing lubricant oil in every vehicle i.e. truck, two-wheeler, four-wheeler, with wide variety of range, according to the engine conditions; old generation engines, new generation engines which increases the engine life with 2-3 times.

Goyal Motor Agency

The company is the best engine oil provider in the market, employing people in their operations. With the increasing footprint of The Company, the “MOTOJET” oil brand is also gaining recognition. The company brings to their customers a brand which is required in their everyday life. With its pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with innovativeness, 

The company has developed high quality base oils for diesel engines which carry away generated debris and reduces formation of wear particles like, MOTOJET GR-3 CI 15W40/  GR-3 CF 15W40/GR-3 CF 20W40 & GR-3 CF 40. And for petrol engine like, new engine oil MOTOJET 10W30 and old engine oil MOTOJET 20W40

Goyal Motor Agency

Through our deep understanding of the customer's needs, we have consistently brought innovation to this industry — with product segments such as gear oil & crown oil with market-leading products,  and services, in terms of performance as well as user comfort and convenience. Our innovation efforts have focused on developing auto technologies that are sustainable & suited to the tough conditions of developing economies.

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